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About Shadowbox
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Shadowbox Video Productions is a video and audio production company as well as an independent ADVERTISING agency that produces 30-second and 30-minute programs and advertising for RADIO, TELEVISION and the INTERNET. SHADOWBOX has been in business since 1995 and produces classic video productions that have appeared locally as well as in markets around the country. SHADOWBOX is noted for producing classy shows with attention grabbing intros and exciting, well executed graphics and animations.

The SHADOWBOX CLIENT base consists of state and federal agencies as well as doctors and big and small businesses. Among those clients are Paramount Pictures, Arkansas Forestry Commission, Arkansas Game and Fish, Little Rock Job Corps, United States Department of Agriculture, AVI/Peabody State House Convention Center, The Exodus Group (a professional eye doctors' association), Popeyes Chicken, Real Estate Central, Bowers & Associates Realtors, Petit Jean Properties, Hot Springs Film Festival and many many more. In addition to those clients mentioned, SHADOWBOX has worked with professionals and/or their companies including Montel Williams, Glen Gilbert, Matt Mosler, Dale Hawkins, Tracy Allen and others. SHADOWBOX also has been dedicated to working with various non-profit organizations bringing professionalism and visibility to charities that otherwise would have missed this exposure.

SHADOWBOX has produced over one hundred thirty-minute broadcasts of different formats including talk show, religious broadcast, real estate show, infomercial and others. Some titles include: "The Doctor Kinko Ito Show", "All Things Are Possible", "Employment Opportunities For You", "The Multi-Cultural Zone", "Conway County Vision 20/20", "Gentle Molding", "Bi-focal Contact Lenses", "Real Estate Central Home Show", “Smile Magic” and more.

Other experience includes shoots, assistance and/or editing for national TV shows; time-lapse video retrieval & reproduction in video and print for insurance company; video restoration.

SHADOWBOX shoots and edits digitally allowing extreme control and creativity over any production. SHADOWBOX' cameras are high-grade  digital cameras producing broadcast quality in both HD and ULTRA-HD. SHADOWBOX also has the capability to shoot and mix MULTIPLE CAMERAS and audio live.


LIGHTING AND AUDIO, often seen as peripheral by some, are not taken for granted by SHADOWBOX. Video with bad audio is not worth watching and video without good lighting reflects poorly on the production company as well as the client. SHADOWBOX employs three-point Soft-Box lighting plus effects and fill lighting on many projects.  SHADOWBOX utilizes the best in lavaliere/hand held and studio microphones as well as audio mixing equipment.  Some of the audio equipment names utilized are Audio Technica, Studio Projects, Sennheiser and Mackie. SHADOWBOX has the capability to record multiple audio tracks on site suitable for CD replication.

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