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What do you need to do?

 Whether it's Train employees, promote safety, introduce new policy or new benefits program, motivating your employees, or even selling a product? Whatever the task, SHADOWBOX can help you do it. Our creative and professional staff is ready to produce your video with quality scripting, multiple cameras, portable lighting and live audio mixing. Your production is finished in our studio utilizing digital editing for accuracy & precision . We can create custom graphics to add impact, plus, we have a complete royalty free music library to create and enhance the most effective mood for your finished production.

We provide solutions.

At Shadowbox we produce effective video. We keep your budget in mind, without ever sacrificing quality. We can shoot on-site with your own people and utilize our in house male and female talent for voiceovers. We help make your people look even better at a fraction of the cost. We can also acquire local, regional and national talent to add an extra dimension to your production. Our digital editing capabilities allow us to create outstanding professional special effects, (i.e. animation, slow motion, chroma-key, layered video for special presentations, moods etc.), as well as allow for greater precision in your production.

We can make it simple.

When it comes to industrial and commercial video, we can do it all. We can produce economical, yet eye catching spots for television and radio as well as act as your personal advertising agency by arranging and scheduling media slots for you.


Commercials in Video/Film


Television Show Production

Narrative Films

Industrial/Corporate Video

Sales & Training Video

Interactive DVD Mastering


24,48,30 & 60fps 120fps+

That film-look for the cost of video

High Definition, 4K & 6K


Music Video



DUTTONS SHOOT PIC 12184175_1015299406320
DUTTONS ON STAGE 12191535_10152994068442

Shadowbox Video has been providing high-end video services for over ten years. Our impressive list of clients include local companies as well as large national corporations because we treat each production with the same high priority it deserves.


SHADOWBOX is versatile enough to work for large national entities, yet down to earth giving local talent and companies the attention and exposure they deserve. In a nutshell SHADOWBOX can shoot, edit and add animation and classic graphics to any project. What are their limitations? That's a good question. Because of their creative thinking and talented staff, it seems they have yet to find any real limitations. Whatever their client wants and can afford, the client can have. The sky is the limit. 

We do it all.

SHADOWBOX can shoot and print to virtually all video formats as well as 35mm film. 

Quality is Everything

But probably most importantly, quality is of the highest degree of importance with each of us at Shadowbox Video.  Our good name is very important to us, yet, we would not expect any client to put their name on a product unless SHADOWBOX put their name on the project first. 

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